• Louise Shand-Brown

    Executive Producer

  • Caroline Gane

    Executive Producer Assistant

  • Marta Luna

    Company Manager

  • Nina Woods

    Executive Assistant

  • Laura Oliver

    Project Manager

  • Jamie Phillips

    Building Services Technician


  • Andy Reynolds

    Medical Director

  • Adam Paxton

    Head Physiotherapist

  • Ben Dixon

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Jodie Comer

    Company Soft Tissue Therapist

  • Natalie Rogalski

    Company Physiotherapist

  • Prof. WJ Ribbans, PhD FRCS Orth FFSE

    Honorary Orthopaedic Surgeon


  • Wendy Tull

    Director of Human Resources

  • Sharmeela Karaca

    HR Business Partner

  • Katy Warner

    HR Business Partner

  • Louise Chui

    HR Coordinator

  • Paulina Nkansah

    HR Assistant

  • Mark Reeves

    Payroll and Finance Projects Manager

  • Jane Pritchard MBE

    Archive Consultant

  • Michael Reed

    Archive Assistant


  • Gazala Hurley

    Finance Director

  • Jack Haynes

    Production Accountant

  • Harriet Chimes


  • Susan Dasari

    Assistant Accountant

  • Gwen Ozkan

    Finance Assistant

Front of House

  • Suzanne Omer


  • Ross Boyle

    IT Support Manager

Marketing and Communications

  • Heather Clark Charrington

    Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Daniel Alicandro

    Head of Digital

  • Carl Bardsley

    CRM & Data Manager

  • Allison Gold

    Content Producer

  • Alice Lawley

    PR Manager

  • Laura Nixon

    Senior Press Officer

  • Benjamin Lalague

    Marketing Manager

  • Gabrielle Sing

    Senior Marketing Officer


  • Khadeen O’Donnell

    Head of Corporate and Strategic Partnerships

  • Louisa Wood

    Head of Philanthropy

  • Michael Adamson

    Philanthropy Manager

  • Imogen Davies

    Individual Giving Coordinator

  • Marina Borraccino

    Development and Events Coordinator


  • Fleur Derbyshire-Fox

    Director of Engagement

  • Alison Hartley

    Head of Creative Programmes

  • Laura Harvey

    Head of Creative Programmes

  • Kate Hartley-Stevens

    Special Projects Manager

  • Drew Potter

    Creative Programmes Officer

  • Charlotte Newman

    Participation and Events Officer

  • Charlotte Kelly

    Engagement Administrator


  • George Thomson

    Technical Director

  • Todd Baxter

    Deputy Technical Director

  • Amy Lindsay-Parker

    Technical Administrator

  • Fiona Findlater

    Stage Manager

  • Rachel Harris

    Deputy Stage Manager

  • David Richardson

    Chief Electrician

  • David Baxter

    Chief Mechanist

  • Marc Dussert

    Touring Mechanist

  • Paul Dwyer

    Touring Mechanist

  • Simon Read

    Touring Mechanist


  • Geraldine Tiernan

    Costume Department Manager

  • Symone Frost


  • Serena Fusai

    Senior Costumier/Cutter (Maternity Leave)

  • Federica Romano

    Costumier (Maternity Cover)

  • Lola Stott

    Wardrobe Manager

  • Samantha Gilsenan

    Senior Wardrobe Assistant

  • James Kelly

    Wardrobe Assistant

  • Julie Heggie

    Shoe Supervisor

  • Amelia Carrington-Lee

    Wig Supervisor