Our youth dance company, ENBYouthCo is one of the UK’s leading companies in the youth dance sector.

ENBYouthCo regularly performs at events and locations across London throughout each year, promoting personal creativity, commitment and innovation.

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Images © Danilo Moroni
  • Louis Barras-Hargan

  • Maiya Beazley

  • Ross Black

  • Isabelle Evans

  • Gabriella Goldfarb

  • Seirian Griffiths

  • Rebekah Hall

  • Sasha Leigh

  • Maia Perkins

  • Leigh Shaked

  • Emilia Shanley

  • Natasha Sturgess

  • Zack Tidswell

  • Ella Vanson

  • Eliza Wade

  • Harry Walkow-Foster

  • Molly Williams

  • Erin Wilson

  • William Wright-Neblett