Our youth dance company, ENBYouthCo is one of the UK’s leading companies in the youth dance sector.

ENBYouthCo regularly performs at events and locations across London throughout each year, promoting personal creativity, commitment and innovation. The group are led by Creative Director Richard Bermange.

This year, we are delighted to announce four ENBYouthCo members as the Company’s first Senior Artists: Natnael Dawit, Jessica Fordwoh, Salvador Thylmann-Foster and Ella Vanson. 

ENBYouthCo Creative Director Richard Bermange said: “As Senior Artists, these company dancers have displayed an ongoing commitment and enthusiasm for the work and ethos of ENBYouthCo. Recognised for both their talent and leadership potential, these artists display a natural flair for supporting and nurturing their fellow colleagues as well as supporting the Creative Director and guest artists during rehearsals and creative processes. As part of this new role, these artists will be invited to share in the curatorial vision of the company as well as additional artistic development opportunities.

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Images © Photography by ASH
  • Richard Bermange – Creative Director

  • Alex Barrington

  • James Bamford

  • Georgina Bradley

  • Emma Cleaver

  • Sky Cook

  • Natnael Dawit – Senior Artist

  • Honor Dixon

  • Grace Farbon

  • Jessica Fordwoh – Senior Artist

  • Ellen Harber

  • Carlota Hawkins

  • Will Heron

  • Oliver Hornby

  • Lily March

  • Tilda Marriage Massey

  • Susannah Neave

  • Hannah Orman

  • Georgia Shanley

  • Ludgero Souza

  • Esme Stone

  • Salvador Thylmann-Foster – Senior Artist

  • Martha Tribe

  • Ella Vanson – Senior Artist

  • Nell Weatherby