My First Ballet: Cinderella

National Tour
1 hour 20 minutes
Including one interval
Everyone’s favourite rags-to-riches story adapted for children aged three upwards.

Cinderella is tormented by her stepsisters and she can only dream of attending the Prince’s glamorous Ball.

Abandoned to an evening of drudgery, she is visited by her Fairy Godmother who transforms her into a glittering Princess who shall go to the Ball.

With a narrator to help the young audience follow the story, and a shortened version of Prokofiev’s ravishing score, this is the perfect introduction to the magic of ballet, and a fantastic family day out.

Since its creation in 2012, over 200,000 people have enjoyed our My First Ballet series. This unique collaboration between English National Ballet and English National Ballet School is choreographed by George Williamson and performed by second year students of English National Ballet School*.


A gorgeous treat for kids and parents

The Daily Express on My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty

*Please note that performances in July are not performed by English National Ballet School dancers.

Main image: Illustration by Mark Ruffle.

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George Williamson

Choreography, Concept and Direction

Sergei Prokofiev


Gavin Sutherland

Music Arrangement


Act I

Poor Cinderella is kept locked away by her wicked stepmother. Cinderella’s stepsisters taunt Cinderella with an invitation to the Prince’s ball. Everyone leaves to prepare for the ball except Cinderella. Suddenly the Fairy Godmother appears and takes Cinderella to where the fairies of the Four Seasons live. They dance with Cinderella before she is transformed into a glittering princess. The Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella that she must leave the ball by midnight or her dress will return to rags.

Act II

The stepsisters try to get the Princes’ attention but are interrupted by the arrival of Cinderella. The Prince is captivated by this beautiful princess. They begin to dance until suddenly the clock strikes midnight. Cinderella rushes from the ball, losing one of her slippers. The Prince determines to find the mystery princess.

Both stepsisters arrive home and they show off to Cinderella. The stepmother interrupts announcing the arrival of the Prince. He offers the slipper to the two sisters who desperately try to make the slipper fit. The Prince notices Cinderella and offers the slipper to her – this time it fits! Cinderella and the Prince declare their love and they all live happily ever after.



“Joyful treat of top-tier ballet for the young”
“There’s magic in these glass slippers”
“Mesmerising introduction to ballet leaves youngsters spellbound”

Symbol Resources

English National Ballet are delighted to be working in partnership with Widgit to make ballet more accessible to children with learning difficulties and disabilities, by creating a range of symbol resources.

Widgit symbols support written text to make the meaning clearer and easier to understand. All of these resources are available to download for free (PDF format) and you will also find extra activities in our printed programmes at theatres throughout the tour.

The My First Ballet: Cinderella Symbol Resources are designed for use before, during and after performances.

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