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New year, new challenge! Prioritise happiness, health and confidence in 2024. Find out more about how you can kick-start a healthy routine in 2024 with our Sofa 2 Studio challenges.

New Year’s Resolutions should be about adding to your life not taking away, so this year join the hundreds of subscribers who are dancing their way fit with BalletActive for free.

Sofa 2 Studio is back, offering you 21 days of free access to the BalletActive platform in January, plus a range of 3-week challenges to work through at home.

I’m more agile, my body feels stronger and I’m overall in a better mood!
Jessica, BalletActive Subscriber

Whether you’re new to ballet or focusing on your wellbeing, there’s a Sofa 2 Studio challenge to help you meet your goal. It’s as easy as 5-6-7-8!

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Choose from the options below, to select the right challenge for you.


Absolute Beginners

Ballet Beginners

Ballet Improvers

  Dance Fitness

Wellness Reset

7-Day Challenges

Limited Mobility

A dance tutor and a demonstrator are sitting on a yoga mat in a living room. They are smiling while doing an arms stretch.
Video: BalletActive from English National Ballet

BalletActive gives you hundreds of classes at your fingertips, with guidance from the professionals at ENB. Captured at ENB’s stunning London studios with beautiful live piano accompaniment, classes range from ballet and contemporary to yoga, pilates and Barre Fit.

Not sure how to use BalletActive website/app? Check out our demo video.

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