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It’s never too late to start dance classes for adults, and your body and mind will thank you for it. Dance offers plenty of benefits including improved posture, coordination, and even overall mood. At the same time, dance can also boost your cardio, making it a perfect workout while having fun along the way.

At English National Ballet, the BalletActive platform offers a wide range of adult dance classes on demand for all levels, available anytime and anywhere.

With our collection of 200+ classes, you will be able to feel the positive impact of dance classes in your daily routine. Here are 10 reasons to get moving your body:

  1. Improve posture
  2. Increase balance and coordination
  3. Boost cardiovascular health
  4. May help prevent memory loss
  5. Build core strength
  6. Increase flexibility
  7. Uplift self-confidence
  8. Increase energy and stamina
  9. Promote creativity
  10. Improve mental wellbeing

1. Improve Posture with Dance

One of the essential elements of ballet is learning how to hold our bodies, so it is no surprise that we can easily spot a ballerina by their posture, in and out of the dance studio.

According to The British Pain Society, over 50% of people experience back pain at some point in their adult life which is strongly attributed to bad posture. So, what can we learn from ballet to fight this issue?

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an arabesque savvy, adult ballet dance classes will help improve your posture through barre or centre exercises focused on lengthening the spine and aligning the body. Movements such as opening your shoulders, strengthening your core and lifting your chin can improve your posture in everyday life and, in turn, can help prevent back pain and injuries.

Have a look at our range of adult ballet classes for beginners, improvers, intermediate, advanced and professional levels, led by world-class dance professionals.

I love that ballet can be danced by anyone and everyone who wants to try. From beginners to professionals, this artform is a continuous journey for all.
Crystal Costa, BalletActive teacher
ENB BalletActive
Crystal Costa leading a BalletActive class

2. Increase Balance and Coordination

A study from American Physiological Society points out that practicing ballet may improve balance and coordination in daily activities. That said, are these abilities necessary in our everyday lives?

Better coordination improves self-confidence and helps with learning new skills faster and more easily. Coordination training is also brain training, as it demands both body and brain to synchronize the muscles when executing a sequence. Practicing your coordination in dance classes will give you a better understanding of how your body works – adding a touch of grace too.

Balance gets more important as we get older. Not only does it improve body awareness, but it also reduces the risk of falling and other related injuries.

3. Boost Cardiovascular Health

Dance is undoubtedly a great workout. You get a good dose of aerobic exercise while bouncing to the beat of the music. Is there any better way to take care of your heart?

Dance improves blood circulation and lung capacity, assuring a strong and healthy heart. Taking dance classes regularly can even help lower the risk of heart disease.

Ballet-inspired online fitness classes can be a great way to start boosting your cardio!

Dance Cardio (1)
Nicky Henshall leading a BalletActive class

4. May Help Prevent Memory Loss

Learning a new combination of movements improves cognition, attention, social communication, and memory! During dance classes, you are constantly learning and memorising different steps, exercises and sequences, which strengthens your neuroplasticity. Dance can help enhance the development of new neural connections, keeping your memory sharp and fully functioning. Dance keeps your brain active and engaged.

If you are looking for an extra memory challenge, why not try dance classes from diverse styles? You will find a wide range of classes in the BalletActive library, including contemporary, flamenco and kathak.

5. Build Core Strength through Dance

What if you could build core strength without doing endless planks? One of the great benefits of dance is that it provides a powerful abdominal workout, improving core stability and postural muscles as well as sculpting the body.

Poor core stability can lead to pain and injury when executing everyday tasks such as carrying groceries or climbing stairs. Building core strength through fitness at home prepares your body to execute daily tasks with power and prevent injury.

Great classes if you have mobility issues or injuries.
Clare, BalletActive subscriber

Besides dance, Pilates also offers cross-training that strengthens your core and prepares you for dance classes.

ENB BalletActive
Crystal Costa leading a BalletActive class

6. Increase Flexibility from Dance

When you hear the words ‘dance’ or ‘ballet’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For many people, it is flexibility. Indeed, dancers are constantly defying body limits and flying on stage with astonishing grand jetés. But even as a beginner, dance classes will allow you to develop flexibility.

Flexibility provides greater freedom of movement and better posture as well as releasing muscle tension. Stretching exercises also relax your body and mind, making it a perfect way to start your morning or relax after a busy day.

Tip: Create a home workout plan to stretch at least 4 times a week, even if only for 15-20 minutes. Stretching exercises are the key to becoming more flexible, releasing body tension and activating your muscles while increasing blood flow and circulation.

Extending your legs and lower back or rolling your shoulders are great stretching exercises to limber up. You can find these, and other exercises, on BalletActive to help your body warm up before dance classes or cool down afterwards.

7. Uplift Self-Confidence

Do you usually feel as if you have ‘two left feet’? Do you struggle to stay coordinated or memorise a sequence? The beauty of dance classes is that your peers often feel the same way, so leave the fear of looking awkward at the dance studio door!

The purpose of dance classes for adults is not only to exercise but also to have fun and enjoy the experience. Even if you are insecure at first, your fear of failing will fade as soon as you start learning new steps and memorising routines. Remember: learning a new dance sequence is no easy task, and you should celebrate every accomplishment in a dance class. This sense of achievement will certainly help self-esteem and confidence. All bodies are dance bodies – whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Never be afraid of getting it wrong the first time. Make sure you acknowledge all the things you’re doing well and never fixate on the challenges… they too will come with time, that’s where you find the real joy of training and development.
Richard Bermange, BalletActive teacher
ENB BalletActive
Richard Bermange leading a BalletActive class

8. Increase Energy and Stamina

After a dance class, you will often feel energetic and motivated. Stamina is described as the ability to exercise for a prolonged period, enabling endurance in physical activity. Increased stamina helps your body feel invigorated and energetic, allowing your body to combat exhaustion and operate at its full potential. Stamina can also allow you to stay active for longer, helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate while burning fat.

I’m more agile, my body feels stronger and I’m overall in a better mood.
Jessica, BalletActive subscriber

BalletActive offers a wide range of online fitness classes that will boost your energy and stamina.

9. Promote Creativity

Dance is a way to express yourself. When words fail, movements can represent millions of ideas, emotions and feelings. When using dance as a medium of expression, the brain creates unique connections to let ideas flow throughout the body. This fascinating mind process allows you to look at situations from different perspectives, empowers creative thinking and enriches inspiration.

Iconic ballerina Anna Pavlova once said: “rhythm is a fundamental fact of life, the key to the universe.” Understanding (and expressing) our inner and outer world through movement is a powerful way to practice creativity and discover new emotions and ideas. Dance classes appeal to the imagination – a valuable skill that we can use in many aspects of our lives, both in work and leisure moments.

Dance is first and foremost a practice that lifts the spirit. The positive, physical effect should be in harmony with the emotional high. Dance is a portal to share and express your internal world.
Richard Bermange, BalletActive teacher

10. Improve Mental Wellbeing

Last but not least, dance is not only good for your body, but it also positively impacts your mind. Many studies have proved that taking dance classes can lower stress and anxiety levels, improve your mood and fight depression. The physical activity of dancing also elevates dopamine and endorphins, giving you feelings of pleasure and happiness. So it is no surprise that the NHS has previously prescribed dance to young people to reduce anxiety levels and depressive feelings.

Tip: Combining dance and other mindfulness movement practices will significantly improve your mental health. Why not complement your dance classes with some yoga and meditation? With unlimited classes on BalletActive, you are able to plan your schedule to accommodate dance and yoga, meditation, stretching, pilates and fitness.

ENB BalletActive
Crystal Costa leading a yoga and meditation class on BalletActive


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For all the reasons above, joining adult dance classes might be just the exercise you are looking for. Improve your physical and mental well-being through movement and – remember – have fun along the way!

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