Voices of America

Sadler's Wells, London
2 hours 11 minutes including two intervals
Robbins / Forsythe / Barton

Jerome Robbins. William Forsythe. Aszure Barton. Three generations of choreographers. Each with a distinct style, but with work infused with the raw, in-your-face attitude of American-style neo-classical ballet.

“Blown away”, “tremendous”, “incredible”, “remarkable”: read what audiences are sharing about Voices of America.

World premiere: Playlist (Track 1, 2) by William Forsythe
The world premiere of a new work by one of the most revered choreographers working today. Created especially for 12 male dancers of English National Ballet, this is his first creation for a UK ballet company in over 20 years. Playlist (Track 1, 2) is set to neo-soul and house music.

Mashing together club music and classicism to create a banger of a hit.
The Guardian

Approximate Sonata 2016, William Forsythe
Originally created in 1996, Forsythe recently reworked this piece for Paris Opera Ballet. A series of pas de deux that deconstruct the classical ballet vocabulary, Approximate Sonata 2016 is accompanied by a new version of the original score by Thom Willems.

The dancing is pin sharp, while the phrasing is entirely unpredictable.
New York Times

The Cage, Jerome Robbins
Animal desire, predatory instinct and natural selection come together in Robbins’s shocking classic, where a female ‘insect’ comes to see the male counterpart as prey. This arresting piece is performed to Stravinsky’s haunting Concerto in D, played live by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

Compelling. The supporting cast of she-insects are splendidly otherwordly and convincing.
The Arts Desk

Fantastic Beings, Aszure Barton
The programme also features a reworked version of Aszure Barton’s “deliriously delightful” Fantastic Beings (The Daily Express). Originally created as part of English National Ballet’s She Said programme in 2016, Fantastic Beings is a vigorous, energetic work for 20 dancers, accompanied by Mason Bates’s dynamic score performed live by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

A keeper. Endlessly intriguing and ultimately exhilarating.
The Stage
Main image: Aaron Robison Photo © Jason Bell. Art Direction: Mia Matson



Fantastic Beings

Aszure Barton


Mason Bates


Burke Brown

Staging and Lighting Design

Michelle Jank

Costume Design

Tobin del Cuore


Approximate Sonata 2016

William Forsythe


Thom Willems


William Forsythe

Set & Lighting Design

Stephen Galloway

Costume Design

The Cage

Jerome Robbins


Igor Stravinsky


Jean Rosenthal

Set Design

Ruth Sobotka

Costume Design

Jennifer Tipton

Original Lighting

Perry Silvey

Recreated Lighting
Voices of America. Dancer: Aaron Robison. Photo © Jason Bell. Art Direction: Mia Matson


“ENB have a riot with Forsythe's club mashup”
“[Playlist (Track 1, 2) is] a crowd-pleasing climax to a terrific programme”
“A strong reminder of what the ENB does best”


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