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Khan Retrospective: Schools Pack (Digital Interactive)

Interactive digital document

Exploring the themes and concepts of Akram Khan’s Dust, Giselle, and Creature, this schools pack provides a multitude of valuable insights and creative tasks perfect for KS3, KS4 and BTEC students.

Available as an interactive digital resource only, access to WiFi required for download.

The pack includes:

  • Videos to watch and learn repertoire from Akram Khan’s Dust, Giselle, and Creature
  • Warm-up exercises specifically created to introduce students to the movement style, language and qualities of Akram Khan’s works for English National Ballet
  • A detailed breakdown of three main themes that feature within the works
  • Creative exploration tasks to help students understand the work, as well as develop choreographic skills
  • Choreographic structures to follow using material produced from the creative exploration tasks
  • A comprehensive analysis of movement for each theme to aid dance appreciation, highlighting actions, space, dynamics and relationships
  • Insights from the creative team, supporting students to understand choreographic processes and intentions
  • Cross-curricular tasks to continue further learning around the inspirations for the work
  • Rehearsal and production images to support teaching