Still from Cinderella Games.

Cinderella Games is the third dance film English National Ballet have produced that is directed and choreographed by Jessica Wright and Morgann Runacre-Temple.

For Cinderella Games, Jessica and Morgann, known collectively as Jess and Morgs, used Christopher Wheeldon’s production of Cinderella as a starting point. They imagined the fairy tale with an alternate ending: after the ball, the real Cinderella was never found, and instead a sinister game show exists in which contestants compete for its title. It was shot on location in the Royal Albert Hall and the Kempton Steam Museum.

To bring it to life, our Engagement Department recruited 35 inter-generational dancers from a range of backgrounds to work alongside professional performers, Chihiro Kawasaki and Matthew Hawkins, giving them the opportunity to experience life on a professional film set, and to be involved in an original dance film.

I have loved every minute of being part of this project. I have learnt invaluable skills and formed friendships with people of all ages.
Cast Member

Full of intricate choreography, quirky theatrical performances and dark humour, Cinderella Games will be screened this Autumn/Winter as a curtain raiser for select performances of CinderellaStay tuned for updates on further screenings.