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We all have a lot more time on our hands. Whilst staying active is certainly key (and you can do so by taking full advantage of the special online classes we have available, sometimes we just need to chill!

In no particular order, here are ten films to get your toes tapping, your heart singing, or just to relax to!

Please note the BBFC rating of each film.


Dirty Dancing

Where can you watch it? Stream on Netflix or PrimeVideo

The premise: On holiday with her family at a resort, a shy teenager falls in love with a new, free, sensual style of dancing, and with her rebellious dance instructor.

Why is it a great watch? Patrick Swayze. Enough said.

An iconic line: I carried a watermelon.

BBFC certificate rating: 15

The Red Shoes

Where can you watch it? Rent or buy on PrimeVideo

The premise: Young ballerina Vicky is torn between her love for composer Julian and her love for dancing. The iconic pair of red pointe shoes hold a mysterious power over her.

Why is it a great watch? This beloved classic is a great watch any time, even though it has its dark moments. Moira Shearer is divine.

An iconic line: Yes. But you love them more.

BBFC Certificate Rating: U


Mao’s Last Dancer

Where can you watch it? Stream on Amazon Prime, rent or buy on iTunes

The premise: Based on Li Cunxin’s memoir of the same name, a young boy from rural China becomes a world-renowned dancer, with political and personal upheavals along the way.

Why is it a great watch? A true story about perseverance, hope and the triumph of talent in the face of adversity, it manages to be both epic and intimate. Plus, the cast includes ballet superstars from around the world, and the dancing is stunning.

An iconic line: They see the light, that’s there inside of you.

BBFC Certificate Rating: PG


Where can you watch it? Stream on STARZPLAY, or rent or buy on PrimeVideo

The premise: Ren McCormick arrives in a small town where dancing has been banned in the wake of a tragedy, and decides it’s high time everyone started truly living again.

Why is it a great watch? Footloose has everything that is great about 80s films – it’s heartfelt, joyful, a little bit cheesy, has a great soundtrack, and stars many of today’s biggest names in film when they were very young.

An iconic line: I thought this was a party? LET’S DANCE!

BBFC Certificate Rating: 12A


Where can you watch it? Rent or buy on PrimeVideo

The premise: In the midst of the 1984 miners’ strike, eleven-year-old Billy Elliot from County Durham discovers a passion and talent for dance, challenging his family’s expectations along the way.

Why is it a great watch? The film is set in a time of great adversity and hardship, and is a wonderful reminder of the way in which the arts can bring people together, overturn societal expectations and raise spirits.

An iconic line: Aren’t you a bit old, Miss?

BBFC Certificate Rating: 15

Singin’ in the Rain

Where can you watch it? Rent or buy on PrimeVideo

The premise: Silent film star Don, talented chorus girl Kathy and Don’s musical director best friend Cosmo work together to make their film studio’s first ‘talkie’ a success.

Why is it a great watch? This film is one of the most legitimately joyful cinematic experiences on offer. There’s a reason why it is widely regarded as the greatest musical film of all time. It’s the perfect pick-me-up.

An iconic line: I can’t quite visualise it. I’ll have to see it on film first.

BBFC Certificate Rating: U


West Side Story

Where can you watch it? Stream on Netflix

The premise: A modern Romeo and Juliet love story, in which Tony, a young member of the ‘Jets’ gang in New York City, falls in love with Maria, the younger sister of rival ‘Sharks’ gang leader Bernardo.

Why is it a great watch? Despite being a tragedy, the transcendent music and truly iconic choreography are always a tonic.

An iconic line: Back home, little boys don’t have war councils.

BBFC Certificate Rating: PG

Strictly Ballroom

Where can you watch it? Rent or buy on iTunes

The premise: Rebellious champion ballroom dancer Scott and socially awkward but talented beginner Fran take on the high drama world of the Pan Pacific Grand Prix, determined to add some fresh new steps to a rigid tradition.

Why is it a great watch? Strictly Ballroom combines absurd humour, genuine sweetness and amazing dancing that can’t help but lift the spirits. It also showcases the distinctive editing style and ravishing costumes that Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin’s Red Curtain Trilogy (also comprising Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge) would become known for.

An iconic line: Pam Short’s broken both her legs, and I want to dance with you.

BBFC Certificate Rating: PG

Paris is Burning

Where can you watch it? Stream on Netflix

The premise: There is no shortage of amazing moves on show in this beautiful documentary capturing the drag ball scene in Harlem in the 1980s.

Why is it a great watch?  It’s a portrait of joyous self-expression, community and creativity, in a world that could be very cruel.

An iconic line: They call them competitions. But believe me, they’re wars.

BBFC Certificate Rating: 15

Center Stage

Where can you watch it? Rent or buy on PrimeVideo or iTunes

The premise: A group of talented young dancers join the (fictional) prestigious American Ballet Academy, where they will vie for one of only six available spots in the Company. Friendships, rivalries and romantic entanglements ensue as they work to be become the best possible dancers they can be.

Why is it a great watch? It’s a straight-up enjoyable teen rom-com with genuine heart and brilliant dancing from international ballet stars. This film is all about finding your own individual way of being happy and reaching your potential, even if it means deviating from the path you thought you were following. We’re all going to need a bit of that attitude.

An iconic line: You’re an amazing dancer and you’re a great choreographer, but, as a boyfriend, you kinda suck.

BBFC certificate rating: 12

Did you know that ENB also commissions original dance-to-camera films? Curing Albrecht can be watched in full, and you can view the trailer for the soon-to-be-released Cinderella Games.