Swan Lake in-the-round

12 Jun 2013 – 23 Jun 2013


Royal Albert Hall, London

12 Jun 2013 – 23 Jun 2013

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Swan Lake

Experience a magnificent choreographic kaleidoscope as this unrivalled spectacle comes to life in the centre of the Royal Albert Hall. From lakeside seats to the top of the Hall, this ‘in the round’ production of the world’s favourite ballet combines sensational scale, potent drama and touching intimacy.

As the Swan Princess Odette’s tragedy is played out by a misty lake the sinister Rothbart is master of his domain. Odette is devastatingly betrayed by Prince Siegfried who has been deceived by Rothbart, but eventually the power of true love must triumph over evil.

International guest stars dance with English National Ballet’s magnificent company of over 120 performers. Tchaikovsky’s extraordinary score is performed by the Orchestra of English National Ballet as 60 swans flood the arena floor.


Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography: Derek Deane

Design: Peter Farmer

Lighting: Howard Harrison



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“When those 60 magnificently drilled swans flock on to the stage it’s more than a sea of white tutus: it’s a vision of the tragedy that Rothbart has created with his evil sorcerer’s spells and a measure of Odette’s overwhelming fate…dazzling” The Times

“… all those dazzling white tutus, all those perfectly angled heads and arms and legs… the hallucinatory buzz is intense, even if you've experienced it before” Independent on Sunday

“ 60 swans, blue light, foaming mist from the dry ice machine, von Rothbart appearing from a trapdoor… acrobats, jugglers, an assured performance of the score…The public is nowhere cheated, and nor is Swan Lake… splendid” The Financial Times


12.6.2013 - Rojo (Odette / Odile) / Golding (Siegfried) / Streeter (Rothbart)

13.6.2013 - Klimentova (Odette / Odile) / Muntagirov (Siegfried) / Streeter (Rothbart)

14.6.2013 - Takahashi (Odette / Odile) / Berlanga (Siegfried) / Reimair (Rothbart)

15.6.2013 [Matinee] - Oliveira (Odette / Odile) / Gruzdyev (Siegfried) / Atymtayev (Rothbart)

15.6.2013 - Rojo (Odette / Odile) / Golding (Siegfried) / Streeter (Rothbart)

16.6.2013 [Matinee] - Takahashi (Odette / Odile) / Berlanga (Siegfried) / Reimair (Rothbart)

18.6.2013 - Rojo (Odette / Odile) / Golding (Siegfried)  / Streeter (Rothbart)

19.6.2013 - Klimentova (Odette / Odile)  / Muntagirov (Siegfried)  / Streeter (Rothbart)

20.6.2013 [Matinee] - Summerscales* (Odette / Odile)  / Vargas (Siegfried)  / Streeter (Rothbart)

20.6.2013 - Oliveira (Odette / Odile) / Gruzdyev (Siegfried)  / Atymtayev (Rothbart)

21.6.2013 - Takahashi (Odette / Odile) / Berlanga (Siegfried)  / Reimair (Rothbart)

22.6.2013 [Matinee] - Summerscales (Odette / Odile) / Vargas (Siegfried)  / Streeter (Rothbart)

22.6.2013 - Klimentova (Odette / Odile) / Muntagirov (Siegfried)  / Streeter (Rothbart)

23.6.2013 [Matinee] - Oliveira (Odette / Odile) / Gruzdyev (Siegfried)  / Atymtayev (Rothbart)

All casting is subject to alteration. *Debut

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