Appeal Supporters

We extend our sincere thanks to those who have generously supported our Pointe Shoe Appeal. Your support keeps our dancers moving and performing to audiences around the UK and beyond. Thank you. 

Simon Albury

Rafael Arbej

Juliet Arnold

Anthony Austin

Anne Battye

Jonathan Bloomer

Carol Brigstocke

Philip Bueno de Mesquita

Juan Carlos Machuca

Alejandra Caro

Angela Cooper

Barbara Craig

Philip Crump

Anne Dalton

Marisa Drew

Ivan Dunleavy

Emily Dyson-Paley

Claire Francies

Katie Foreman

Linda Gainsbury

Sue Goldsmith

Martin Graham

Marco Gubitosi

Lavinia Hadsley-Caplin


Anthony Holland

Nicola Jackson

Joan Jones

Clifford Kitson

Ida Levine

Assaf Littner

Chris Manzini

Roz Martin

Susan McDonald

Murdoch McKillop

James Mee

David  Morgan-Hewitt

Thomas Palmer

Enrique Pinel

Helene Pors

Hilary Railton

Paul Redford

Anna Rickard

Graeme Robertson

Pablo Rojo

David Rougvie

Anna Short

Steve Springford

Christopher Suarez

Jennifer Talbot

Sian and Matthew Westerman

Joan White

Elizabeth Wigoder

Trevor Wild

Catherine Williams

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