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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Age started dancing
Seven for ballroom dance, and thirteen for ballet

Octavian Stroia Highschool of Choreography and Drama, Romania (2014-2017)
Ballettschule Theater Basel, Switzerland (2017-2020)

Awards and Prizes
Prix de Lausanne (2nd-9th February 2020): Prize winner and Best Swiss Candidate Award
European Ballet grand Prix (8th-10th February 2017): 1st place (Contemporary) and Finalist (Classical Ballet)
Young Stars Ballet Competition, Romania (18th-20th October 2016): 1st place (Contemporary) and 3rd place (Classical Ballet)
Romanian National Ballet Olympics (April 2015-2017): 1st place (Classical ballet)
Romanian National Dancesports Competitions (2008-2014): numerous prizes for both Standard and Latin dances

Favourite role
Basilio from Don Quixote

Career highlights
Winning a prize at the Prix de Lausanne in February 2020, and joining ENB in November 2020

Other info
In his free time, Matei enjoys playing chess, and studying anatomy and alternative medicine.