Watch Party: Dust

29 Apr - 1 May

Join us for our second Wednesday Watch Party on 29 April at 7pm BST: we’ll be watching Dust by Akram Khan on Facebook and YouTube.

Created to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, Dust is “dancing full of pain and power” (The Independent). With a pounding soundtrack and atmospheric lighting, it grabs you from the start and does not let go.

Scroll down to watch the trailer and learn more about this production.

The ballet will remain online until Friday 1 May 8pm BST.

Recorded at Milton Keynes Theatre in October 2015.


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Creative Team

Akram Khan

Choreography and Direction

Jocelyn Pook


Sander Loonen

Set Design

Kimie Nakano


Fabiana Piccioli


Ruth Little



“a collective, percussive rage against the emotional privations of war”
“The chorography pulses with anger and explosive frustration - not least from the women”
“His ballets are utterly immersive and yet unshakably linger for long time after”