Emma Hawes and Francesco Gabriele Frola. Photo © Jason Bell. Art Direction and Design: Charlotte Wilkinson Studio.

In June 2019, we premiere a new in-the-round adaptation of award-winning choreographer Christopher Wheeldon’s hugely popular Cinderella, adapted for the Royal Albert Hall’s unique arena stage.

Christopher Wheeldon and a team of international artists gave the ballet a completely new look in 2012 for Dutch National Ballet. Christopher, known for his storytelling and extraordinary productions, was inspired by the Brothers Grimm and Perrault fairy tales – there is no fairy godmother to rescue Cinderella from her wicked step-family, but Four Fates, a magical tree, woodland creatures and birds.

This adaption for English National Ballet will reach another scale, with 90 dancers and our orchestra English National Ballet Philharmonic creating a spectacular theatrical experience. Christopher is working with the best in theatre, puppetry and projection design (Julian Crouch, Basil Twist and Daniel Brodie) to create striking costumes, animated sets, multi-media projections and clever puppetry to create a magical production.

The Costumes

Designed by Julian Crouch, the costumes for Cinderella in-the-round are key to bringing this story to life. English National Ballet’s dedicated Wardrobe Department is one of the best in the business, with many years of training and a team of expert makers. Great care is taken in selecting the right fabrics and in every part of the process – design, cutting, dyeing, screen-printing and finishing.

Dutch National Ballet in Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella © Angela Sterling


With a cast of 90 and 397 costumes in all, this is one of the most ambitious costume creations we have undertaken with 31 makers involved and a total cost of £600,000. You can help us to meet these costs by making a donation towards Cinderella’s dresses, our Courtier’s jackets, bird lady bodices or headpieces.

  • Donate £50

    Pointe Shoes
    Each shoe is hand crafted and tailored to fit each individual dancer, and with some 350 pairs needed throughout the run, we need your help to keep our ballerinas on their toes
  • Donate £250

    No ball outfit is complete without a headpiece. Cinderella-in-the-round requires over 120 headpieces, using feathers, fabrics, sequins and a wide range of materials.
  • Donate £500

    Bird Lady Bodice
    The bodices for the bird ladies are individually dyed to create the perfect colour shade and each requires six metres of fabric.
  • Donate £1000

    Courtier’s Jackets
    Help our male dancers look their best at the Prince’s Court. A staggering 230m of satin plus 230m of base fabric are needed to create all the jackets for the courtiers in the scene.
  • Donate £5000

    Dress Cinderella for the Night
    Our heroine wears four costumes during each performance. Your donation will help towards the making of the costumes for one of the five ballerinas cast as Cinderella.