Pointe Shoe Appeal

What our dancers wear on their feet is essential to their craft. The correct footwear enables them to perform at their absolute best. 

Female dancers can go through up to three pairs of pointe shoes in just on performance of a full-length ballet and with the most expensive pair of pointe shoes costing around £70 it is easy to see how the costs mount up. As a result, English National Ballet spends over £145,000 on pointe shoes every year. 

Please help us keep our dancers moving and performing to audiences around the UK and beyond by generously donating towards our Pointe Shoe Appeal. Whatever the size of your gift it will be put to work straight away. 

£1,000 - twenty pairs of pointe shoes for one dancer 

£500 - a months allocation of pointe shoes for one dancer

£100 - two pairs of pointe shoes

£50 - one pair of pointe shoes

£20 - contribute towards a pair of pointe shoes

£10 - contribute towards pointe shoe ribbon or toe tape


You will be acknowledged on our Pointe Shoe Appeal thank you page for your contribution. Should you wish to remain anonymous there is an opportunity to opt out whilst making a donation (please use the comment box to opt-out). 

You can also give any other amount starting from £5. If you wish to make any contributions beyond £1,000 or would like to sponsor a dancers entire pointe shoe allocation for a year please contact us on support@ballet.org.uk or call 020 7590 2950.

"Pointe shoes are not just a commodity, they are a necessity... My Shoes mean trust and freedom. I can perform safe in the knowledge that my shoes fit me to perfection and will allow me to move in the way I want to. They are the tools of my trade and are always there for me" - Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director and Lead Principal, English National Ballet

Should we exceed the amount we spend on Pointe Shoes, any excess funds will be used towards the ongoing support of our dancers and the core work of the Company.



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