Ballet Essentials workshops

Ballet Essentials Workshops

Ballet Essentials workshops focus specifically on the physical and technical skills of ballet. Suitable as an introduction to ballet, or for GCSE / A-level dance students seeking to develop and improve their technique. 

• Explore the technique, artistry and creativity of ballet, and the expressive skills necessary for performance (GSCE Specification) 

• Develops students’ critical appreciation of dance, in particular learning about devices such as form, staging, pathways and music and their impact on ballet choreography 

"The activity added to the students' knowledge of dance genres, discipline, performance skills and helped in developing choreographic ideas" Kate Everitt, Acland Burghley School, Camden

How can I book a Ballet Essentials workshop?

Simply Icon download the enquiry form (130.6 KB)  and email to , or call the Engagement team on 020 7581 1245 to discuss your options. 

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