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Le Corsaire Resource Pack

As part of our Schools’ Link activities surrounding Le Corsaire, English National Ballet and the Poetry Society teamed up to create a Le Corsaire Resource Pack, designed to provide teachers with creative ways to inspire students by integrating a professional work into all aspects of the curriculum.

Icon Le Corsaire Resource Pack (8.0 MB)  [PDF]
Icon Supporting Materials: Task Sheets 1 - 10 (3.8 MB) [PDF]

Pirate Ship Video Tutorial [YouTube Video]
Icon Pirate Hat Tutorial Instructions and Templates (4.8 MB) [PDF]

Icon Pirate Hat Tutorial Instructions and Template (2.5 MB) [PDF]
Icon Treasure Chest Instructions and Template (3.2 MB) [PDF]

Schools Repertoire workshops

Le Corsaire (The Pirate) is a thrilling ballet about Conrad, a dashing pirate, and his love for Medora, a beautiful harem girl. It is a swashbuckling drama of kidnap and rescue, disguise and conspiracy, love and betrayal, culminating in a shipwreck which is one of the most breath-taking spectacles in ballet.

Through tailored workshops, students gained a deeper artistic understanding of English National Ballet’s Le Corsaire, exploring the context, themes and cross-curricular links of this epic production.

Key Stages 1 - 2: A Pirate’s Life for Me
An energetic dance workshop that takes students on an epic adventure exploring the contrasting pirate characters of Conrad and Birbanto and their representation through both movement and poetry. With excellent cross-curricular links to English, History and Citizenship, this fun, practical session introduces basic ballet principles, whilst promoting team work and building creativity.

Key Stages 3 - 5: Uncovering the choreography
This choreographic workshop explores the use of written word to inspire movement, focusing on form and structure and specifically linking to GCSE Dance Unit 4b choreography, and A Level units 1 and 2. The workshop explores the representation of character through movement and written word. In addition to building technical and expressive performance skills, the workshop encourages students to consider production values within choreographed work.

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