Physical Ballet

Physical Ballet, led by English National Ballet in partnership with Brent Council, fused the speed and daring of parkour with the physicality of ballet in a unique project with dancers from Brent.

Throughout June 2012, lead artist Daniel Jones (English National Ballet Soloist) led intensive dance and choreographic workshops with parkour input from Parkour Generations, giving participants an insight into both disciplines and allowing them the opportunity to incorporate this into their own choreography.

Further rehearsals with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance worked towards a performance in the Big Street Dance at Trafalgar Square, and participants performed again as part of Brent’s Olympic Torch Relay celebrations in July.

See an interview with Daniel Jones as he talks about Physical Ballet:

"Doing the ballet classes after the parkour helped me in controlling my body (core) more. I think Daniel [Jones] did great not keeping choreography separate to the ballet and parkour (which I thought it was going to be), but he fused them smoothly and allowed us to put our own input. Some of this he kept and let us mould into our own material, others he expanded and developed into the group, which was really nice to see your own small little style blown up into the main piece. Truly, Physical Ballet has been a amazing experience, not just for Big Dance 2012 and the Brent Torch, but just in the sense of working with a great professional like Daniel and the group itself." – Participant, Physical BalletBig Dance 2012 058.jpg

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