Design for Dance


Design for Dance explored an area of dance that often remains hidden behind closed doors: the creation and development of costumes. The project explored the recent artistic partnership between young choreographer George Williamson and up-and-coming design students from Marangoni Institute.

In July 2012, in the prestigious setting of London’s City Hall, eight professionals involved in the creation of Firebird took part in a panel discussion, expertly chaired by respected dance critic, Donald Hutera. The main area of focus was on the various compromises and challenges that faced the fashion designers and costume makers as they jointly developed the memorable costumes for Firebird.

The panel 

Wayne Eagling (Former Artistic Director, English National Ballet)

Wizzy Shawyer (Head of Costume, English National Ballet)

Jane Pritchard (Archivist, English National Ballet and Curator of Dance, Albert and Victoria Museum)

Ksenia Ovsyanick (Artist, English National Ballet)

Massimo Casagrande (Senior Design Tutor, Instituto Marangoni)

Ekaterine Lomtadze (Graduate Student, Istituto Marangoni)

Louise Korner (Graduate Student, Instituto Marangoni)

Rob Goodwin (Couture Footwear, Accessories and Costume Designer / Maker)

After the discussion, the audience made their way upstairs, where they could browse an exhibition of costumes, design sketches and artefacts relating to Firebird, and look out over London as the sun set on the Olympic Rings suspended from underneath Tower Bridge.

"The panel discussion was fascinating – a really good range of contributors and very well structured. The questions were well focussed on the key issues surrounding the topic and contributed to what was a thoroughly enjoyable evening." – Audience Member

If you wish to find out more about Design for Dance, and other Big Dance 2012 projects, you can read a review of the event at our Dance is the Word blog:

Designing for the Body in Motion

Design for Dance

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