Big Dance Bus at Leicester Square

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On Thursday 12 July 2012, English National Ballet – in partnership with Westminster Council and KI Concerts – presented a celebration of international dance styles in Leicester Square, right in the heart of London’s West End. 

The programme began at noon with two dancers from English National Ballet, Jia Jhang and Max Westwell, performing an extract from Swan Lake.

After this, the Big Dance Bus welcomed dancers from the United States of America, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Bolivia, Iran, Mexico and India, also supported by fantastic performances from UK-based contemporary dance groups. 

Over the course of the day thousands of people – including a large number of tourists – were treated to unexpected dance performances of the highest quality, and not even a typical British summer downpour could dampen spirits during such a vibrant and varied celebration!

"[The Big Dance Bus] gives amateur groups like us a high-profile platform. It motivates our members and helps us in our mission to raise awareness of Philippine cultural heritage."  - Performer, Big Dance Bus at Leicester Square: All the World’s a Stage


English National Ballet would like to extend an enormous thank you to all of the groups who performed on the day:

Mid-American Pompons
South Australian Precision Dance
Tabor Dance Academy
Students from Cambridge Performing Arts
Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company
Bu U
Atlachinolli Dance
San Simon Caporales UK
Mala CHEGRA Theatre
Legacy UK (on behalf of Union Dance )
Futunity UK
Beyond Repair
Iranian Dance Institute

The Resident Company of the Big Dance Bus

Special thanks go to Hakeem Onibudo, who not only introduced all of the groups on the day, but also led brilliant dance workshops with his usual energy and style.

A review of the Big Dance Bus at Leicester Square: All the World’s a Stage can be found on our Dance is the Word blog.

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