Class Descriptions

Absolute Beginners

Suitable for complete beginners, this course is a perfect introduction to classical ballet technique. A fun, step by step guide, covering basic ballet positions and movements that will help you to improve your posture, co-ordination and strength. (ages 18+) 


If you have completed Absolute Beginners and are ready to move on or are returning to ballet and want reminding of the basics, then this is the level for you. Classes are designed to improve technique, develop ballet vocabulary and increase confidence. Building on the basics, classes introduce preparation for turns (pirouettes), jumps (allegro), develop arm movements (port de bras) and explore artistry and musicality. (ages 18+) 


A progression from Improvers, this course is recommended if you have a good knowledge and application of classical ballet technique or are coming back to dance after a break. A more challenging class that will require strength and stamina for more complex adage, pirouette and allegro enchaînements. A great way to improve fitness and finesse! (ages 18+) 


Open to anyone who has successfully completed Intermediate to a competent standard, are in vocational training and looking for additional classes. A more technically demanding and faster paced class in which you will be challenged to perform longer and more advanced sequences. (ages 18+) 


A ballet-inspired Pilates workout, which increases core-strength and flexibility. Includes elements of yoga, barre work, gentle stretching and floor-based exercises. A great supplementary class if you attend Absolute Beginners – Advanced Pro. No experience necessary. (ages 18+) 


An open level Contemporary class which works on coordination and core strength, whilst also improving posture, balance and fitness. Creatively discover and develop a new technique in addition to your regular ballet classes. Some knowledge of ballet, or contemporary dance is beneficial. (ages 18+)

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