Class Descriptions

Youth Ballet Class
This new class, for dancers aged between 13 and 17, is a technique-focused, non-syllabus class and open to dancers from all dance backgrounds. This class will explore the fundamental movement principles of ballet including posture, alignment, co-ordination, balance and flexibility.

Absolute Beginners
If you are a complete beginner or have limited dance experience then this is the class for you. Absolute Beginners gives an introduction to ballet technique and is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.
Suitable for ages 18+

Level 1
If you are a confident beginner, or returning to your love of ballet and want reminding of the basics, then this class will provide you with a good grounding in technique, including positions, alignment and lines. No previous ballet experience is required.
Suitable for ages 18+

Level 2
If you have a good knowledge of ballet technique and the basics, this is a progression class from Level 1. It is a faster paced class, and you’ll be challenged to learn more advanced turning and elevation combinations, as well as learning longer sequences of steps in the centre.
Suitable for ages 18+

Level 3
If you have a strong base of ballet technique and want to be challenged by longer and more complicated sequences at the barre and centre, then Level 3 is the right class for you. The focus will be on gaining greater skill and confidence, performing more complex adage, pirouettes and elevation combinations.
Suitable for ages 18+

Level 4
Level 4 is the most advanced class in the programme, designed to challenge experienced, confident dancers who are looking to further develop their technique and artistry. If you are a dance graduate, or in vocational training, and are looking for a non-syllabus, artistic class, then why not give it a try?
Suitable for ages 18+

BalletFit is a ballet-inspired pilates workout, which increases core-strength and flexibility. No experience necessary.
Suitable for ages 18+

I really love BalletFit […] – it’s a challenging workout but structured in a way that it gets my mind focused only on what I’m doing there in the studio, rather than a workout like spin or step where I inevitably think about the day ahead (and often leave those classes more tense than when I started). I’ve definitely become more toned since taking the class and more thoughtful about my body in general.

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